Rise & Balance

Rise & Balance


As a young dancer, I heard the terms “rise and balance” quite often. The phrase refers to a part in a ballet combination where you rise up onto the balls of your feet (or onto full pointe), let go of the ballet barre, and balance.


“Rise and balance” is an interesting phrase to me because, in a way, that is how life is. We constantly strive to rise, to grow, reach upward. While we work to find our balance, often there is wiggling, shifting, grabbing hold of the “barre.” Sometimes we continue to grab the barre, afraid to let go, needing someone to give us encouragement. Sometimes we completely fall off balance and have to try again. 


Rising & balancing in ballet is not always perfect nor is it constant— like life. We encounter challenges that make even rising up difficult. No one can stay completely balanced forever either. But the goal is the same: rise up and find that sweet spot, where we feel planted to the ground, balancing and unwavering! The process is ongoing, and your "sweet spot" will no doubt change many times through life.


Our hope at Rise & Balance is to support you through the challenges; to be your “barre” when you need someone or something to hold onto until you are ready to let go and balance on your own. Rise & Balance means more than comfortable clothes (though feeling cute & comfortable is important too😉).


Our mission is to help you find balance by honoring your beauty inside and out, motivating you to live the life you choose, inspiring your creativity, proving your strength, & reminding you to give yourself (and others) grace.

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